Transforming Punchestown with Extreme Structures’ Mezzanine Structure with branded Colours

Mezzanine Event Structure for Hire in IReland

Introduction: Brand activation thrives on making a strong impact, and the upcoming Punchestown national racing event presents a perfect opportunity to do just that with Extreme Structures’ Event design services specifically our Mezzanine structures painted with custom colours. These structures are designed not just for function but as powerful tools for brand expression and customer […]

The Unique Advantages of Using a Stretch Tent Marquee for Your Upcoming Corporate Event

Corporate events come in various shapes and sizes, from seminars and conferences to team-building retreats and annual dinners. Regardless of the type, a stretch tent marquee can provide a versatile and sophisticated setting for your next corporate gathering. Here, we explore some of the unique benefits that stretch tent marquees offer for corporate events. Versatility […]

How Stretch Tent Marquees Can Transform Your Outdoor Event Space

When it comes to hosting an outdoor event, the venue is just as important as the occasion you’re celebrating. An uninspiring or uncomfortable outdoor space can put a damper on festivities, which is why selecting the right event structure is crucial. Enter stretch tent marquees—the transformative and stylish option that can elevate your event to […]

Weatherproofing Your Stretch Tent Marquee: Tips for a Successful Outdoor Event

Outdoor events are synonymous with a sense of freedom, fresh air, and natural beauty, but they also come with an unpredictable factor: the weather. The good news is that using a stretch tent marquee can help you prepare for whatever the skies have in store. In this post, we’ll explore some tips for weatherproofing your […]

Say Goodbye to Boring Marquees for hire, Hello to Stretch Tents

When it comes to hosting an outdoor event, you want everything to be perfect – from the décor to the entertainment. And when it comes to providing shelter, marquee hire has been a staple for a long time. But let’s be real, they can look pretty dull. Enter the new player on the block, stretch […]