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There’s little to beat the magical atmosphere they create with their dynamic shapes, colours, and the versatility they offer.


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Here at Extreme Structures, we continuously strive to push the boundaries of what is possible with event structures. Faced with repeated client requests to be able to do more with their valuable event spaces, our team took on the task of designing and creating a fully modular mezzanine steel structure. Our Mezzy System was born.

Allowing us to transform any event space or pitch area into a multistorey, multi roomed, structure, our Mezzy System has increased event structures design possibilities, therefore, greatly expanding the range of event space experiences now available to our clients. Transportable, versatile, and practical in construction, our Mezzy System is unique to the event industry in Ireland. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, adding a whole other dimension to the traditional event space. ** cite some events – NPC, EP, RDS, etc **
Combined with our stretch tent canopies, truss frames, Layher-scaffolding and stage decking our Mezzy System can be utilised across a range of events uses, such as festival performance stages, standalone venue spaces, brand activation rooms, exhibition stands, hospitality & VIP areas, event viewing platforms, and much more.

Our Mezzy System is so versatile we can develop your event concept into a workable and impactful end-user experience. The system is fully modular and can be set up in many formations, from a simple ground level set up, to multiple storied super structure, with stretch tent canopy covering or solid pitched roofing solutions.

Our Mezzy System can be clad in any almost material, finish or printed artwork/branding theme. Additional staircases, windows, doors, Perspex balustrades, handrails, and carpeting can be provided. Our Mezzy is a self-ballasting structure which can support AV, sound, lighting equipment and substantial loads on the upper floor.


Since forming over 10 years ago, Extreme Structures have been providing Geodesic Dome structures to cover a wide range of events. For clients looking for something extra-special, Domes are the perfect solution. Hugely popular with both adults and kids, They can be used for weddings, trade shows, corporate events, festivals, private functions, and sporting events.

Our Dome structures were developed in conjunction with an independent company of structural engineers. The cover we use is made from PVC which is waterproof and fire retardant. We have a range of different sizes from 9m to 7m. Our Dome structures have the visual and structural impact to transform regular events into exciting experiences, and make ordinary places appear as awe-inspiring spaces.

We aim to inspire and transform people’s entire experience in one moment with the addition of a Geodesic Dome. We work hard and are driven to create the most amazing experience possible for our clients. We love the big dreamers and pride ourselves on providing a customer experience that exceeds expectations by going the extra mile.

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