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Our stretch tents marquees are of the highest quality and standard. Since our inception in 2012, Extreme Structures have worked in partnership with the world’s leading stretch tent manufacturer RHI Tents based in Cape Town, South Africa. 

We travelled as far as South Africa, the home of Stretch Tents, and created an international trading partner with RHI, giving us the peace of mind that the Stretch Tent fabric’s quality is looked after from thread to the finished product. With extensive research and ongoing field trials, RHI has become synonymous with innovation & quality. This is a standard we require when forming a partnership with our suppliers, and a quality we instil in our team to ensure it continues throughout the entire process and to the end customer. Our goal is customer satisfaction, and creating a new unique, aesthetically pleasing space is our passion.


Interested in our tents for commercial purposes?

Our sister company provides just that! We design custom Stretch Tents for businesses such as Restaurants, Pubs & Nightclubs. 

Planning a Wedding?

Over at we also cater for outdoor weddings using customised Stretch tents and furniture products.

Our Gallery

Specifications and features

Size | m² ColorStanding Cinema StyleBanquet Style
6 x 4m | 24m²Platinum202010
9 x 6m | 54m²Platinum, Black, Beige, Red505030
10.5 x 7.5m | 78.75m²Beige, White, Yellow, Red, Green808055
10.5 x 15m | 157.5m²Beige, White, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue170170130
15 x 15m | 225m²Beige300300200
21 x 15m | 315m²Beige, Red, White440440290
20m Ø ‘Arachnid’ (Round) | 330m²Beige455455300
25 x 18 | 450m²Beige660660440
31.5 x 15m | 472.5m²Beige680680458
21 x 30m | 630m²Beige950950630
25 x 36m | 900m²Beige14001400930

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