Stretch Tent Marquee

Our stretch tent marquee’s are a modern and stylish alternative to the traditional event marquee. There’s little to beat the magical atmosphere they create with their dynamic shapes, colours, and the versatility they offer. 

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Where no tents have gone before

Our stretch tents marquees are of the highest quality and standard. Since our inception in 2012, Extreme Structures have worked in partnership with leading stretch tent manufacturer RHI Tents in Cape Town, South Africa. With our combined years of stretch tent manufacturing and rigging experience, we are market leaders in providing modern, safe, and stylish event structure alternatives to the traditional event marquee.

As our previous clients can attest, there is no beating the magical atmosphere and visual impact of a stretch tent. With their dynamic shapes and curves, various colour options, and modular rigging versatility, stretch tents offer so much more to the overall event experience.

Our stretch tent marquee’s are constructed from an extremely strong, totally waterproof, and amazingly stretchy material. Visually stunning, stretch tent structures offer a flexible tent solution, which can fit almost any possible event space, cover uneven ground, and tie into an existing building or courtyard.

Stretch Tent Marquees provide the increased freedom to choose more challenging and unique locations. A variety of stretch tent sizes, rigging set-ups, and colour options mean that choosing the space for your special event is now open to your imagination.

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Stretch Tent & Ballast

Don’t let the type of site put you off using our stretch tents. In areas where anchoring our stretch tents is not possible using standard pegs, we use ballast weights in their place.

This allows us to install stretch tents in areas, such as cobbled courtyards, historic sites, above basement carparks, or any location where may be underground pipes & services.

Truss Stretch Tent

Our Truss & Stretch Tent Structures allow us to create covered areas that are both functional and eye-catching. In using the truss frame supporting structure for our stretch tents, we can go higher and wider within any given event space, leaving a completely clear space under the stretch tent canopy. This makes the covered space ideal for performances, presentations, viewing areas, or as a standalone stage. The truss stretch tent allows lighting and audio equipment to be easily rigged onto the structure.

Stretch Curved Truss Tent

In 2015 Extreme Structures brought the Curved Truss Stretch Tent Stage to the Irish market. It is an ideal solution for creating a unique and novel performance space at your event. Readily transportable and constructed with ease, the curved truss stage comes in a range of sizes to suit the production needs of your acts.

Similar to our other Truss tents, the Stretch Curved Tent serves great as a stage for events. We feel it creates a sense of ease within the crowd making it more of an intimate affair compared to other larger stages. It’s perfect for smaller events or as a minor stage as a part of a larger festival for more intimate performances.’

Interested in our tents for commercial purposes?

Our sister company provides just that! We design custom Stretch Tents for businesses such as Restaurants, Pubs & Nightclubs. 

Planning a Wedding?

Over at we also cater for outdoor weddings using customised Stretch tents and furniture products.

Our Gallery

Specifications and features

Size | m² ColorStanding Cinema StyleBanquet Style
6 x 4m | 24m²Platinum202010
9 x 6m | 54m²Platinum, Black, Beige, Red505030
10.5 x 7.5m | 78.75m²Beige, White, Yellow, Red, Green808055
10.5 x 15m | 157.5m²Beige, White, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue170170130
15 x 15m | 225m²Beige300300200
21 x 15m | 315m²Beige, Red, White440440290
20m Ø ‘Arachnid’ (Round) | 330m²Beige455455300
25 x 18 | 450m²Beige660660440
31.5 x 15m | 472.5m²Beige680680458
21 x 30m | 630m²Beige950950630
25 x 36m | 900m²Beige14001400930

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